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Animal Services Foster Application Form

  1. Foster homes must have prior approval from landlords/parents/roommates, etc. prior to applying, this makes the experience enjoyable for everyone and the pets! Thanks for your interest in fostering!

  2. Do you:*

  3. If you rent, are animals permitted by your landlord?

  4. If yes, are there size and/or breed restrictions?

  5. Will you allow a home check by a representative of the Athens-Clarke County Animal Services Department?*

  6. Is everyone in your home aware that you want to foster?*

  7. Are there children in your home?*

  8. Relative that resides nearest to you (but not living with you)

  9. Do you foster with another shelter or rescue organization?*

  10. Are you currently fostering an animal from another shelter or rescue organization?*

  11. Animals Currently In Your Household

  12. How many animals (including reptiles, livestock, small mammals, etc.) are currently in your household, including any animals owned by another in your residence?*

  13. Spayed/Neutered

  14. Vaccinations

    (check all that apply)

  15. Where is the animal?

  16. Spayed/Neutered

  17. Vaccinations

    (check all that apply)

  18. Where is the animal?

  19. Spayed/Neutered

  20. Vaccinations

    (check all that apply)

  21. Where is the animal?

  22. May we contact the veterinarians listed to verify this information?

  23. Please complete the following questions:

  24. Have you adopted from us before?*

  25. Have your ever applied for adoption here and been denied?*

  26. Are you familiar with the animal control laws in your area?*

  27. Have you ever been warned or cited for a violation of animal control laws?*

  28. Please answer the following questions concerning the pet you wish to foster:

  29. Are you able to bring the pet to adoption events or vet visits if needed?*

  30. May a representative of the Athens-Clarke County Animal Services Department come to your home to check on the animal’s well being? *

  31. All tenants are required to show proper authorization from property owners stating that tenants may have pets. A deadline will be given for providing authorization to ACCAC or this application will be dismissed. If there are any extenuating circumstances in obtaining an authorization from property owner, please discuss it with us and an agreeable deadline can be decided upon.

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