What about crossing Trail Creek?

Athens-Clarke County is now accepting Requests for Proposals for ways to get the trail across the valley at railroad grade. Options may include renovating the existing structure, building a new bridge and stabilizing the railroad viaduct, or demolishing and building new. In the meantime, trail users will continue to descend to an existing Greenway bridge over the creek.

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1. What is the Firefly Trail?
2. What is a rail-trail?
3. Which communities will the Firefly Trail connect?
4. What benefits do trails provide?
5. What is the status of trail development?
6. What is the history of the Athens Branch?
7. Is the corridor intact?
8. What about crossing Trail Creek?
9. How much will it cost to build the Firefly Trail?
10. Where will the money come from to build it?
11. Are other trails proposed for Northeast Georgia?
12. How can I help?