If the county is making me provide recycling containers, why won’t they pay for them?
Your garbage company probably doesn’t pay for trash cans inside your home or business either. Check to see if your hauler will assist with your recycling program. ACC Solid Waste, Recycling Division can provide the familiar 18-gallon open-top bins used for residential curbside recycling collection. These are useful for transporting material to a large outside container and can be used as collection containers in some settings; however these are used bins that have been stored outside. ACC Recycling Division can also provide stickers that can be used to convert most containers (or cardboard boxes) into a useful recycling container.

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1. Do I have to buy an official recycling bin to collect recyclable material inside my business?
2. Do you expect me to root around in the garbage after my customers and pull out recyclable material?
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4. I operate a small business that doesn’t generate much trash or recyclables. What I do generate I take home with me and use my residential collection service. Does the ordinance apply to me?
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6. If the county is making me provide recycling containers, why won’t they pay for them?
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