Police Advisory Board Development Task Force

MEMBERS: 10 members appointed by Mayor Girtz at the February 4, 2020 Mayor & Commission meeting

TERM: Ad Hoc Task Force for Duration Needed to Submit Recommendation to Mayor & Commission


  • To be determined at the time of the call



  • What are the community benefits that we seek through creation of an advisory board?
  • How can an advisory board provide "front end" guidance to ensure positive police/community relations through policy/process/budget review and input?
  • How can an advisory board provide effective response to specific challenging or controversial episodes (e.g., police involved shootings, violent interactions, etc.)?
  • What is an ideal composition of an advisory board (size of body, range of backgrounds, affiliations, community representation, rotation of members, etc.)?
  • What training and knowledge are critical for advisory board members to have?
  • What level of information access is necessary for the advisory board to provide ideal service?
  • What level of staffing and budget is necessary for the advisory board to provide ideal service?


  • Mokah-Jasmine Johnson, Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (Co-Chair)
  • Shane Sims, People Living in Recovery (Co-Chair)
  • Jaivious Collins, recent high school graduate
  • Stephanie Flores, Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition
  • Fabian Jones, Hilsman Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Joan Prittie, Project Safe Director
  • Mykeisha Ross, Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement
  • Dr. Sarah Shannon, University of Georgia Department of Sociology
  • Phil Smith, Concord Coalition Director
  • Nikema Stovall, Athens Land Trust