As you know, the Arts Center is closed until further notice.  However, we have an incredible Juried Show to share.  We are moving the 45th online.  Each day (see menu to the left) in the morning hours we will post a new work on display in the galleries with a short story.       #45JuriedShowOnLine. #ArtsCenterOnLine. #ACCArtsDivision       @lyndonhouseartscenter

April 5.2020

What are you doing?  Art Education, William Stephanos

Dario (my cat) and I are spending lots of time together these days. He’s happy I’m working from home. I’ve been keeping up (virtually) with the Arts Center as well as helping out with the government’s COVID-19 response. I’ve also helped to distribute food to school kids and have been running errands for others. I’m just glad I can help.

In my spare time I have been painting, a lot! I plan on making new jewelry too.

Please stay home if at all possible for other people’s sake and your own. Athens we are going to get past this and soon we will be on to bigger and better things. Make Art! 

#ArtsCenterOnLine  #ACCArtsDivision


April 4.2020 What are you doing? Education Program Leader, Toni Carlucci

I’m cooking Cacao Pumpkin brownies with rice salad and dahl. It was my first time for the brownies- They are GF and dairy free. I’m serious about boosting my immune system. Pictured are supplements that give that extra boost. Rejuvenation Stew is one of my all-time favorites (with sweet potato, turmeric, fennel, kale, goji berries and coconut milk). Delicious!! Books I’m reading (thanks to Susie Birch) on painting portraits in watercolor- An on-going delightful struggle. 

#ArtsCenterOnLine #ACCArtsDivision


April 3.2020

What are you Doing?  Arts Center Studio Manger, Nick Daglis

I’m cooking comfort food; my mother’s delicious chicken and broccoli casserole recipe! I’ve been sucked into the 24/7 Antiques Roadshow channel on PlutoTV and listen to an assorted playlist (with fave artists) containing disco/funk (Brothers Johnson), classic rock (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention), raggae (Capleton), Jazz (Medeski, Martin, and Wood), and folk music (Vic Chesnutt). I listen to these while working in my hot glass studio! I’m working overtime on our small business @groundupglass to react to the necessary changes imposed by the nation’s current situation. While working on our website, I’m taking custom orders and doing production of hand-blown glass soap dispensers, as well as our other glass products. 

What’s keeping you busy?


April 2.2020

Arts Center Staff Working From Home.

What are you Doing?  Arts Center Program Leader, Shannon Williams

I’m watching Poldark on PBS. I’m cooking a delicious roasted cauliflower and chickpea soup while listening to jazz on the Bose. And I’m not reading anything other than lots and lots of emails!

What’s keeping you busy?


April 1.2020

Arts Center Staff Working From Home.  What are you Doing?

Arts Center Program Supervisor, Didi Dunphy 

I’m reading Eleanor Davis’s new book – “A Hard Tomorrow” (this photo from her website) Our second artist in our Lyndon House Arts Center Artist Print Edition Series! I’m SO done with cooking at home!  Got social distance to-go from The National over the weekend! http://www.thenationalrestaurant.com. I’m watching The ZZ Top documentary on Netflix and listening to Jerry Saltz’s very new book “How to be an Artist” on Audible. I’m making Cross stitch- my usual obsession with making modernism a feminine activity. Also, here’s an article from the Sunday paper that was of much interest- Stella! 

What’s keeping you busy?


March 31.2020

Arts Center Staff Working From Home.  What are you Doing?

Arts Center Curator, Beth Sale- My youngest son loves to read "Brown Brown What do you See" with images by Eric Carle. He’s learned so many words from this book. My favorite page is the purple cat. My oldest son and I still read together almost every day. We’ve gone through so many books: the Wildwood series, Grace Lin’s series, and all the Lemony Snicket books to name a few. We are currently reading book three of C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, “The Horse and His Boy”.  

Keeping a stocked pantry with two teenagers and a toddler is like trying to hold the wind in your hands. For dinner last night, I made brown rice with spinach, and topped it with lentil soup. Eating on the back deck is the Covid version of dining out.

When Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for the Coronavirus at the start of our Shelter in Place experience, my family decided to watch a Tom Hanks movie every night. “Castaway” was perfect for a fresh perspective, and reminded us all how lucky we are. “Terminal” reinforced that feeling. The man survived on saltines and didn’t leave the airport for ages. Watching Tom Hanks play Mr. Rogers was delightful. 

This record by Pharoah Sanders has a wonderful refrain "Love is Everywhere." 

What is keeping you busy?


March 30.2020

Arts Center Staff Working From Home. What are you doing?

Yes, we’re busy working from home but we’re also reading, cooking, watching, listening and making. This week we’ll be posting what each staff member is currently enjoying and finding inspiration in. First off is Jaime Bull in Communications and Outreach. 

For me, it’s been all about cooking and gardening. I’m reading Alison Roman’s “Nothing Fancy”, Indian(-ish) by Priya Krishna (next pic is a recipe for Saag Paneer which is the bomb!) and then sharpening my astrological skills with “Astro Poets” by Alex Dimitroy and Dorothea Lasky. The Garlickiest Fried Rice form Bon Appetit is a great lunch made with day old rice (I add in frozen peas) and a perfect snack while watching “Tiger King” and Fortune Feimster’s hilarious comedy special “Sweet & Salty”. I’m also listening to a lot of John Prine this morning and sending lots love as I hear he is sick and needs well wishes. 

 What is keeping you busy?


March 23.2020

We are working from home!  Who is the happiest!??!  The pets and the baby!!!!


March 16.2020

The Lyndon House Arts Center staff are working from home!


During this unusual time with the outbreak of COVID-19, the Lyndon House Arts Center is closed until further notice.  So, we are moving the Arts Center online to the social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook and our website.  Please check in daily for #ArtsCenterOnline and #45JuriedShowOnline for art, artist interviews and other art activities as we remain in our sequestered working locations. Always in support of Athens and Athens creative community, visit us virtually for a fix of Athens area arts.  

Stay safe and be well.

-Lyndon House Arts Center