Sub-Project 6: Beach Renovations

Project Details

This sub-project is to provide rehabilitation of the beach area including relocation of the beach showers, re-grading the beach area, installation of a new drainage system and rehabilitation of beach shower drains would alleviate the erosion issues.  New sand would be installed on the beach upon completion of the drainage improvements. M&C approved the Project Concept June 4, 2019.

Project Update

Pricing and planning work is underway. Construction is on-hold pending the end of swim season 2019.

Project Statistics

  • Designer: W R Toole
  • Contractor: Structural Resources, Inc.
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Sponsor: Leisure Services
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $140,000
  • Amended Budget: TBD
  • Total Cost: TBD
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

*as of 10/15/2019