Robbery, Homicide & Forensics

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Harrison Daniel is currently in charge of the robbery / homicide unit and the forensics unit.


The forensics and Automated Fingerprint Identification Search (AFIS) unit consists of a sergeant and three detectives. The forensics unit is responsible for processing crime scenes from entering autos to murders. Forensic detectives also process items found at crime scenes that require further analysis. Forensic detectives have the ability to compare high quality latent prints lifted from a crime scene to the known prints of offenders arrested throughout the State of Georgia.

Robbery / Homicide

There are currently three detectives assigned to robbery / homicide. These detectives are responsible for all felony person crimes other than sex crimes. These cases include murder, robbery, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and terroristic threats. Lieutenant Jeff Clark, and Sergeant David Norris supervise the robbery / homicide unit. 

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