86: Flint, Michigan Avoidance Project for ACC

Project Description from submission form

ACC produces ""compost"" from hazardous municipal sewage sludge, distributed free to ACC and Oglethorpe schools and sold to the public.  The open-air ""composting"" of contaminated sewage sludge at ACC's dump has resulted in degraded health and property of African Americans and their property at the historic Billups Grove Baptist Church and neighborhood, both of which pre-dated location of the ACC dump.  ||ACC Utilities staff presented a 9/11/18 ""green initiatives"" at the Commission Work Session for ""Biosolids [sewage sludge] treatment"" and 9/7/18 Agenda Item stating proposed sewage treatment plant (STP) modifications are ""consistent with these FY19 Mayor and Commission Strategic Commitments:|Healthy, Livable, Sustainable Athens‐Clarke County|Safe and Prepared Community""||Those claims are not ""improvements,"" not supported by scientific facts, and tantamount to the Flint, Michigan Public Utilities scandal threatening the health of African Americans more than 2 years ago that still has not been corrected. That scandal resulted in the forced removal of the USEPA regional head and charges against more then 6 government employees for claiming those changes were ""safe,"" when those changes were made to reduce costs, while threatening African Americans' health and lives.||Similarly, staff's proposed ""improvements"" would INCREASE sewage sludge ""composted"" at the ACC dump adjacent to the historic African American church and neighborhood to save money. That proposed sludge treatment would be ""an estimated construction cost of $23,000,000"" (Agenda Item) and ""Estimated Seven-Year [Capital] Cost"" of $32,160,000 (9/11/18 staff presentation).||This project would create anaerobic biodigesters (airtight tanks filled with special bacteria) to capture generated methane from all 3 ACC STPs, which will replace commercial power to run those STPs, with none of the hazardous sludge "composted" at the ACC dump or used for community contamination. Digesters range from small scale (e.g., Detroit Zoo) to large scale (e.g., <Severt Trent). 

The project also would initiate using food scraps for safe composting and other waste-reduction events.

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SPLOST 2020 Budget
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