51: Renewable Energy Program

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The renewable energy program will increase the amount of renewable energy produced at-or-for government facilities by providing the equipment and facility upgrades needed to construct renewable energy systems. The renewable energy program may include elements such as solar energy systems, geothermal systems, biogas systems, energy storage systems, building energy management systems, and other facility improvements needed to ensure their sustained and reliable use.

At current prices, this level of funding is sufficient to deploy approximately 1 megawatt of solar energy; about 1/3 of the capacity needed to meet Athens-Clarke County's facility demand. The Sustainability Office has worked with ACCGOV Facilities Management to assess the potential of deploying solar energy at more than 70 Athens-Clarke County facilities. This has resulted in a prioritized list that ranks a facility's ability to support solar energy systems based on its energy consumption, cost of energy, frequency of use, roof condition, roof orientation and shading, and visibility to the public. This project would be supported by ACCGOV staff so as to systemically develop new renewable energy installations in a manner that maximizes facility life and return on investment.

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SPLOST 2020 Budget
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