50: Environmental Mitigation & Restoration Program

Project Description from submission form

The Environmental Mitigation & Restoration Program will fund capital projects, on ACCGOV owned properties, to remediate existing environmental hazards and to install preventative measures that mitigate the potential for future environmental degradation.  This project will prioritize projects that address existing environmental impacts and then systematically implement preventative projects.  Examples of projects to be included in this project include, but are not limited to, brownfield remediation, landfill and hazardous waste management improvements, firing range improvements, and/or in-county wetland and stream mitigation. This project will improve and protect community health, decrease legal liabilities for the Unified Government, restore and protect the environment, and enhance opportunities for economic development on restored ACCGOV properties. Once remediated, these ACCGOV sites become available for other enhanced uses including, but not limited to, parks and recreational areas, new buildings, transportation infrastructure, and/or permanently protected greenspace.

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