40: Parks Facilities Improvements

Project Description from submission form

The Parks Facilities Improvement Project is envisioned to provide a high level of relief from the capital budget burden for the Leisure Services Department. It is not feasible for this project to completely replace the entirety of the capital budget during the SPLOST period, but this submittal would address some of the most significant and imminent life cycle replacement, and additions that are critical for the long term safety and usability of park facilities across the entire Leisure Services Department. This project is a continuation of the SPLOST 2011 Park Improvements Project and the extension of this project into SPLOST 2020 is an integral part of accomplishing many of the long term capital projects identified in the department's capital budget plan. These projects are larger in scope and represent solutions for long standing issues that impact user's safety and quality of their experience. Some examples of the types of projects include ethical and legal accessibility compliance to provide access to our facilities for people with disabilities, playground replacements and additions, new picnic pavilions, shade structures, athletic fields, hard surface courts, restrooms, dog parks, and similar projects as identified by staff and park users. Specific examples of some of the current project needs include accessibility improvements to the basketball courts and recreation hall at Memorial Park. Sites like playgrounds and dog parks become unbearably hot in the warm seasons and park users have been clamoring for the addition of shade structures. Ben Burton Park needs safe access to and interpretation of the historic dam ruins as well as a new playground near the recently funded pavilion and restroom. The vehicular and pedestrian circulation in the park is in dire need of update and improvement as well.  Paving has been a recent addition to the capital cycle, and many of the department's parking lots and vehicular circulation areas are crumbling and in need of significant replacement.  Milling, repaving, patching, and pedestrian safety improvements for the dual-use greenway and road segment within the Sandy Creek Nature Center property is an additional immediate need.  Phase two of the World of Wonder playground is another identified project which includes the addition of a more natural play space and construction of new pavilions over the existing picnic table pads. There are other project that have been identified, these are but a few examples.

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