55: ABHS Path to Recovery Residential Program

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Advantage Behavioral Health Systems is proposing a new construction project to develop a residential facility for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring addictive disease.  We are proposing the development to be co-located with the Advantage owned Pavilion for Behavioral Health, which sits on a 17-acre expanse located at 240 Mitchell Bridge Road.  This development and the proposed location will allow us to consolidate our housing services within a location that is more conducive to the provision of supportive programming via onsite and through our other evidence-based programs operating out of the Pavilion.   

The Proposed Project is for a congregate living facility that will accommodate 25-2 bedroom units, 3 of which will be designed to accommodate onsite staff and group/individuals counseling programming. This configuration will provide residential programming for 44 individuals at any given point in time.  Given the projected location of the site we can accommodate a 22,000 square foot facility either single or two story and will defer to the recommendations of the review committee on the desired direction.  We anticipate parking for 110 spaces to accommodate residents, residential staff and program support service employees.  Please review the summary chart below for a detailed account:

Proposed Square Footage


Residential Unit Configuration

22-2 Bedroom Residential Units

3-2 Bedroom Staff Support/Office

Proposed Number Served

44 Individuals at any given point in time

The program is transitional in nature. We anticipate an average length of stay at 14-16 months.


110 Parking Spaces


Entry direct from Mitchell Bridge Rd. Adjacent to existing entrance to Advantage Pavilion at 240 Mitchell Bridge

Single or Two Story

Proposed Construction Budget and Property Acreage allows for an option of single or two story

Ultimately, this will enable our existing programs to empower those individuals seeking recovery and stability so that they may attain a greater level of independence and contribute to the growing economic prosperity of the Athens-Clarke County community.  

Advantage provides an array of evidence-based services through a variety of programs within our continuum of care.  Addictive disease/mental health treatment, supportive employment services, case management, skill building and peer led after care services will all be available based upon the assessed level of need presented by the individuals participating in the residential program.  This proposed development will allow us to both consolidate and even expand our supportive housing services and streamline effective service referrals both within Advantage as well as with other community partners. National studies have demonstrated the success of a best practice model that promotes a recovery-centered environment by incorporating empirically supported treatment, therapeutic cognitive based therapy, and community reintegration practices.  

Advantage has successfully implemented these service modalities within current residential programs housed in multiple sites across Athens-Clarke County.  Recently we have begun incorporating a peer led approach that underlines and supports the clinical best practices of our service based interventions.  We anticipate that operating within a congregate facility will allow us to better integrate our services and residential supports, which will have a significantly greater impact on our target population while obtaining a greater level of control over residential facilities that house these programs.  

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact
Alternate Project Budget
Alternate Estimated Annual Operating Impact
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