49: New Recovered Material Processing Facility

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Republic operates the current Athens‐Clarke County Recovered Material Processing Facility (RMPF) for Athens‐Clarke County at 699 Hancock Industrial Way. The facility isnearly 25 years old, 22,000 square feet on just over 5 acres and owned by Athens‐Clarke County. The facility currently processes approximately 20,000 tons per year of recyclables ‐ residential and commercial single stream, pre‐sorted cardboard, and pre‐sorted shredded paper. The current facility was constructed to handle paper (specifically, increased newsprint, mixed paper and some cardboard) and bottles/cans. The material stream has evolved over the last 25 years to include increased cardboard, plastic and new hybrid materials that need to be properly sorted. If this project is approved, the current RMPF will be repurposed into a Creative Reuse Space and new home for the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), Teacher Reuse Store and Toolshed through a separate SPLOST 2020 proposal (Project #48 ‐ ACC Recycling Creative Reuse Space and Facility Relocation). This would condense all ACC Solid Waste Department activities to two locations creating efficiency and potential for shared staffing and other synergies. The proposed new RMPF will be located on the ACC Landfill property and include an approximate 40,000 square feet facility with more space for covered tipping floors, bale storage to maximize potential revenues from end‐markets and new sortation technology to better sort incoming tonnage. A new RMPF is needed to provide the necessary space for increased incoming tonnage, evolving ton (new packaging) and contamination minimization. Additionally, public education is critical to a robust waste reduction program. The current RMPF has a very small space for educational activities (including tours, events and on‐going programs). An improved educational resource space will be included in the new facility that will be a larger, safer interactive space. A new RMPF will capitalize on improved technology to better separate material and remove contamination. Technology and space to optically sort plastics into resin specific streams; color sortation of glass, carton separation from mixed paper, and opportunity to clean residue to meet specifications of waste‐to‐energy facility and send zero waste to the ACC Landfill. As in the current operation, it is anticipated that a contracted operator will run the new RMPF and that operator will be responsible for most operating expenses including facility utilities expenses.

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