47: Water Transmission Grid Improvement

Project Description from submission form

Project includes installation of large diameter interconnections between water main transmission lines that will improve reliability of water transmission and fire protection.  The West Athens Transmission Line (WATL) supplies water from the drinking water treatment plant to the storage tank on Atlanta Hwy.  This seven mile pipeline currently has no other large diameter interconnections to the water supply at the drinking water treatment plant.  Providing interconnections to the transmission grid improves reliability by giving more than one route for the water supply to reach the customers.  Fire protection is improved for the same reason.  Interconnections are anticipated behind the Transit Facility on Pound Street, along Prince Avenue, and along Oglethorpe Avenue.  Additional interconnections will be considered for upgrades to the water pipe size in Atlanta Highway and a new large diameter pipe line from 5 points down Milledge to Macon Hwy and then to Timothy Road.

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