01: Airport Capital Improvement Plan

Project Description from submission form

The money would be used for the Local Share of the Federal Aviation Administration and GDOT Grants.  The Share would range from 5% for Federal Projects and 25% for State.

The projects include:  Master Plan Update; New Airport Parking Lot; Overlay Taxiway A; Runway Obstruction Clearing on RWY 9/27 to include Perimeter Fencing; Overlay Runway 2/20 and Taxiway B; Expand East Terminal Apron; Partial Parallel Taxiway B Improvements and Apron; Commercial Terminal Baggage Claim (Carousel) & Rental Car Build Out; Commercial Terminal Pavement Improvements - Apron and Taxiways; Runway 9 Displaced Threshold Improvements; Avigation Easement Acquisition and Obstruction Mitigation; East Side Taxiway Paving Project, (Corporate Hangar Location); and Hangar for Daytime and Overnight Transient Aircraft.

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact

Project Presentation Video

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