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    Video of the Mayor & Commission Special Called Session concerning SPLOST 2020 from July 18, 2019 is available on-demand online. Read on...
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Please note: The projects list, project numbers, budgets, descriptions, and presentations listed on the submitted projects pages on the SPLOST 2020 website may not reflect the final numbers, names, budgets, descriptions, or proposed information included on the Mayor & Commission's Special Called Session agenda item or Commission-defined options under consideration for the July 18, 2020 vote on the projects list, initial project statements, and intergovernmental agreement language for SPLOST 2020 Program

Some projects may have been renamed, combined with other projects, removed from consideration, or otherwise changed during the consideration process. The Special Called Session agenda will reflect the most recent names, numbers, budgets, and descriptions for the list. Once the final list is approved, the SPLOST 2020 pages will be updated to reflect the approved information.


General Information

Georgia law allows local communities to use Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) proceeds for capital improvement projects that would otherwise be paid for with General Fund and property tax revenues or that would not be accomplished.

Governments cannot use SPLOST funds to pay for operating expenses such as personnel salaries or ongoing expenses. If voters approve a SPLOST 2020 program on November 5, 2019, sales tax collection will begin in April 2020. 

Total sales taxes will not increase as a result of this program, but would continue at 8% since the current SPLOST collection will end in March 2020. 

A group of 22 citizens, the SPLOST 2020 Citizens Advisory Committee, is responsible for recommending a list of candidate projects for adoption by the Mayor and Commission. A list of current committee members or past projects is available through the SPLOST program links on this website.

Project Request Timeline

  • Project request deadline - Sunday, November 11, 2018
  • SPLOST 2020 Committee submits list of candidate projects to Mayor & Commission - no later May 6, 2019
  • SPLOST 2020 referendum - November 5, 2019
  • SPLOST 2020 collections begin (if approved) - April 2020

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