Barnett Shoals Lane Reconfiguration

Barnett Shoals Public Meeting
Barnett Shoals Road is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2018 between Lexington Road and Security Circle through the Pavement Maintenance Project. A study of the segment between College Station Road and Whitehall Road showed that the lanes could be reconfigured to include bicycle facilities without a significant impact to traffic operations.

The proposed lane reconfigurations would include:
  • Merging existing travel lanes to one northbound lane, just south of Cedar Rock Trace
  • Between Cedar Rock Trace and College Station Road, include a three-lane roadway with a northbound lane, a a southbound lane, a two-way center turn lane, and a two-way protected bicycle lane.
  • Between College Station Road and Forest Road, transition into the five-lane roadway.
The proposed lane reconfiguration will be presented for consideration to Mayor and Commission in the August/September agenda cycle.

Click here to view the Barnett Shoals Striping Plan map. 

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