Parking Information - Dudley Park

Dudley Park has three parking lots with a total of 52 vehicular spaces which are open to the public during normal park hours.

Additional parking is available after 5 PM and on weekends and holidays in the UGA-managed portion of the Broad Street parking lot..

All vehicles must exit the park before the posted park closing time. Vehicles remaining after hours may be ticketed and towed as per ACC ordinances.Photo of the entrance to the Poplar Street Parking area at Dudley Park.

Broad Street Parking
24 Vehicle Spaces*
1170 E Broad St.
Athens, GA 30601

Poplar Street Parking
21 Vehicle Spaces
286 S. Poplar St.
Athens, GA 30601

Oconee Street Parking/
Easley Mill

7 Vehicle Spaces
470 Oconee Street
Athens, GA 30601

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