Sofy Bertioli

Since moving to Athens, artist Sofy Bertioli says she has felt at home in many ways. One of the first things she noticed was all of the green… "It comforted me to be around just as much woodland as I was used to being in my home, Brasília."  

To further develop her natural artistic abilities, this high school student signed up for an art class with Hope Hilton, who encouraged the students to submit fire hydrant designs.  Sofy decided to pay tribute to both the beauty of her native Brasilia and Athens, GA.  The result is a gorgeous, bright flower which adorns the hydrant and helps to Dress Up the corner of Hull St. & Broad St. 

Athens is lucky to have Sofy as part of our community and we look forward to see what she does in the future.
Flores de Brasilia, by Sofy Bertioli

Flores de Brasilia, by Sofy Bertioli

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