Citizens Government Academy

Updated 11/27/18: The next Citizens Government Academy is scheduled for March 2019. Check back soon for more information on how to apply to participate in the program.

About the Citizens Government Academy

The Citizens Government Academy is a ten (10) week program that is designed to:
  • Give residents an opportunity to learn how to access their government
  • familiarize residents with government services, functions and activities of Athens-Clarke County
  • Help residents gain a better understanding about how to become involved in local government
  • Enhance their ability to communicate effectively with local officials. 
Program Details:
  • Participants must be Athens-Clarke County residents, age 18+
  • Class size is limited to 25 participants on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Each class will be conducted by a department representative and will provide both an informational and interactive learning approach.
The program is structured around six strategic commitments:
  1. Informed and Engaged Community
  2. Financial Health and Economic Prosperity
  3. Healthy, Livable, and Sustainable Athens-Clarke County
  4. Transportation Mobility and Connectivity
  5. Safe and Prepared Community
  6. Accountable and Responsive Government

Participants will gain a better understanding of 
  • The relationships between residents, the Mayor & Commission, and governmental departments
  • The process for deciding why and how government projects are implemented and services are provided
  • The ways government projects support Mayor & Commission goals and objectives as well as the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government's strategic commitments. 
  • The budgeting process 
  • Roles and functions of public safety departments 
  • Environmental stewardship measures
  • Additional responsibilities and functions of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government

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