Manager's Office


The Manager's Office is responsible for the implementation of all policies, programs, contracts, ordinances, and resolutions as approved and directed by the Mayor and Commission. This office performs the administrative functions of the government, which support the activities of the Mayor and Commission.

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government's day-to-day operations are overseen by the manager, who is appointed by the Mayor and Commission. There are 24 main departments, divisions, and offices under the managerial group.


The authority and responsibility of the manager are dictated by the Athens-Clarke County Charter. The manager directs the staff of the unified government to effectively perform all the responsibilities of the government under his or her control and to fulfill the mission of Athens-Clarke County.

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government was formed in 1990 after a vote of the citizens of the former City of Athens and Clarke County to consolidate the two governments. The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government's mission statement is: "Athens-Clarke County, an open and responsive government, facilitating a positive environment for individuals to obtain a high quality of life and local organizations to achieve success by providing innovative, high quality services and responsible stewardship of the community's resources, to benefit current and future generations" (adopted November 4, 1997).

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