Outdoor Learning Spaces


Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB) is working to better expand support of outdoor learning spaces in Athens-Clarke County. KACCB oversees the gardening and outdoor classroom component of the Green School program. KACCB provides resources and support by assisting with maintenance, the loan of tools, planting assistance and materials, classroom visits, and communicating with teachers about outdoor classroom opportunities. 

Link to suggested plants for pollinators in the SE Region

jpg of pollinator plants for se region header

ACC Environmental Education Events

Here are some annual EE events to watch for!
  • Aug ? - Teacher Reuse Opening Event
  • Sept 9 - Athens Water Festival
  • Sept 14 - Green School Kick Off
  • Sept - Insectival at State Botanical Garden
  • Sept 30 - Rivers Alive
  • Sept 29 - Green School Registration Deadline
  • Oct  - Vulture Festival
  • Oct 7 - Tree Fair
  • Nov 15 America Recycles Day

Connect to Protect School Gardens

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia can provide schools with packages of gorgeous native plants ready for installation in raised beds or pots. Seasonally available grasses and wildflowers are grown at the State Botanical Garden and will feed native pollinators while beautifying your Garden. These plants require full sun and well drained soil to thrive. Plan for your Garden to be situated in a sunny location. Send photos of your established Garden for to include in your interactive to Protect Garden map! Price ranges: Plugs $1.10 each; plants $5-7. Environmental educators will come to your school within 15 miles of Athens to help you and your students install a Connect to Protect planting of your choice and lead related hands-on activities. Programs cost $4/student. Plants and signs are free of cost while supplies last!

Email Cora Keber: ckeber@uga.edu or phone 706-542-6156

Outdoor Learning Spaces at Clarke County Schools by Type and Elementary School

A list of the Outdoor Learning Spaces available at 14 Clarke County Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools: Alps Barnett Shoals Barrow Chase Cleveland Fowler Gaines JJ Harris Oglethorpe Road Stroud Timothy Whit Davis Whitehead Winterville
Bog x x     x         x x                      x
Open Area x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Outdoor Seating x x x x x x x x x          x x
Veggie Garden x x x x    x x x x x x x x x
Shelter x    x x                            x
Pollinator Garden    x x x x x x x x x x       x
Composting    x x x    x x x x x    x    x
Prairie    x                x x       x      
Native Plants    x    x       x                   x  
Nature Trail          x             x            
Water Feature        x                                    
Farm Animals                                       
 Forest    x    x             x       x      
Orchard          x             x               
 Water for Wildlife           x        x                  
Wildlife Feeding                x x             x      
Greenhouse                      x