Southeast Clarke Park Closings and Maintenance Notices

There are currently two notices and one closure for this location.
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Whit Davis Parking Lot Expansion -- Intermittent Parking Reductions
Facility 312 | Posted: 11:15 AM, November 3, 2017
Intermittent parking reductions will affect the Whit Davis parking at Southeast Clarke Park beginning Monday, November 6th as contractors begin work to more than double the available parking spaces on this side of the park.

The incredible popularity of the relocated and expanded dog parks and the new and improved World of Wonder Park have overwhelmed the existing parking lots on the Whit Davis side of Southeast Clarke Park. Plans for the dog park and playground improvements always anticipated the future need for additional parking in this area and included a proposal to expand the parking once the old World of Wonder playground was removed.

Shortly after the World of Wonder Park opened, the office of Park Planning in conjunction with the SPLOST office began work to design, engineer, and permit the expansion parking lot with funds from SPLOST 2011 Project 16 being allocated to fund the construction. A construction contract was awarded by the Mayor and Commission in October and permitting completed for the project in late October.

Construction will begin Monday, November 6th and is expected to take 3-4 months barring any major issues or weather disruptions..Diagram of the Whit Davis Parking Lot expansion project at Southeast Clarke Park.

Southeast Clarke Park Dog Park Area 3 Open/Area 1 Closed
Facility 465/467 | Posted: 9:00 AM, September 25, 2017
Heavy use of the new dog parks at Southeast Clarke Park compacts the soils at the entries and takes a heavy toll on grass and other natural ground cover.  To address this issue, the dog park was designed with 3 areas which are rotated periodically allowing crews to conduct remediation and giving the natural environment time to recover.

Crews will reopen Area 3 and close Area 1 of the Dog Park as we continue this regular rotation to preserve and maintain this highly popular facility. Once new grass has fully established, crews will once again rotate area closings.  Area closings will continue to rotate periodically to allow ongoing maintenance of all three Dog Park areas.

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