Little Lily in Action

The Water Log

Students take Little Lily for a home visit.  Using a "Little Lily's Water Adventure" sheet (see image below), the family counts the number of sinks, toilets, shower/tubs, dishwashers, and washing machines in the house.  Students also indicate on the sheet which of three water conservation books the child reads during Little Lily's visit.  Finally, the student creates a journal entry to bring back to the class to share their adventures with Little Lily.  The journal entries are added to a classroom book, "The Water Adventures of Little Lily", for students to read as desired.
Little Lily Journal Entry 2
Students draw pictures and write
about Little Lily's visit to their house.  Here she is with a bike.
Little Lilys Water Adventure Sheet
Little Lily Journal Entry 1
Students can take photos with Little Lily to create their journal entry, which is kept in a classroom book.