Managed Forest Project

Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc., and Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services will begin this winter to improve wildlife habitat, enhance educational opportunities and better care for the land entrusted to us by converting 25 acres of low-quality wildlife habitat at Sandy Creek Nature Center into a managed forest. Using sustainable, professionally supervised practices on five demonstration plots, we will eradicate invasive species, open the forest canopy, improve plant and animal diversity, promote flowering plants and pollinators, and highlight decades of forest succession in a series of visitor-friendly outdoor exhibits. The five plots will be united by a network of trails and educational stations, with funding provided by Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. 

Learn more about the forest management plan for each plot and view the map of the managed forest area. View the Mayor and Commission Work Session power point.  

Have a question about the management plan? Visit our FAQ's for more information.

Check out our plans for the first year of the project.

View aerial photos to see how the landscape has changed over time.

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