Commercial Customer Recycling Plan

Every business in Athens-Clarke County must provide recycling containers to collect all items listed on the Targeted Materials List that are generated by the commercial customer, educate their customers and staff regarding recycling, and have an approved recycling plan on file with ACC Solid Waste Department, Recycling Division.

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Zero Waste Event Kit

Zero Waste is a culture shift -- establishing innovative ways to reduce waste sent to the landfill through reuse, recycling, compost, and more. We offer event recycling bins, as well as reusable plates, wares, cups, napkins, and more for you to borrow for any event, in order to reduce the need for disposables and send less stuff to the landfill.


Glass Reduction Program

Bars and restaurants in the Central Business District can switch from bottles to cans and/or draft and save up to $500 on their beer license. MORE INFO

Flyer for Bars Glass Reduction Program