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The Athens-Clarke Opportunities and Resources Newsletter (ACORN) is a monthly e-newsletter highlighting events, opportunities and activities available through the Green School program.

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Past Issues

2018-19 School Year
August - Green School Registration and Kick Off!
September - Water Festival and GS Kick Off
October - Vulture Festival & Outdoor Learning Symposium
November - Meals in the Middle & Master Gardener Reg!
December - Ripple Effect & Lesson Upload Update!
January - Ripple Effect, Zack & Molly, Chipper
February - Jack Golden and Green Life Expo & Awards
March - Garden Champ Awards & River Rendevous
April - Water Challenge & Composting
May - Green School & Teacher List and Roll Out the Barrels 

2017-18 School Year
August - Welcome Back!
September - GS Kick Off, Rivers Alive, Vulture Festival
October - Meals in the Middle, Tree Fair, Native Plant Sale
November - America Recycles Day
December - Meals in the Middle, MLK Day of Service, Chipper
January - SCIREN, Pruning Class, ATEEG Registration
February - School Garden Champions, Jack Golden
March - GreenFest Art, School Lunch Challenge, EEA Conference
April - Lessons Due
May -  Happy Summer!

2016-17 School Year
August - Welcome Back! Check out the Revamped ACORN!
September - GS Kick Off, Water Festival, Rivers Alive
October - GS School List, Fire Up the Hydrants, Tree Festival, &Vulture Festival
November - America Recycles Day, Ripple Effect, World Toilet Day, Leaf Lessons
December - MLK, Chipper, Green Life
January - Master Composter, MLK, Green Life
February - School Lunch Challenge, Greenfest, EEA
March - Greenfest
April - Fall Plant Orders, Lessons Due
May - Roll Out the Barrels, International Compost Awareness Week