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KACCB accepts nominations for the Citizen of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes a community member as an environmental steward of litter prevention and abatement or community greening/beautification. The award recipient will be recognized at the annual GreenFest Award Ceremony. Nominees must be a resident of Athens-Clarke County. Use our online nomination form,download a printable application PDF, or contact or (706)613-3501 x312. The deadline for submissions is March 30th.
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2016 Keepin’ It Clean Citizen of the Year - Minnie Craddick

This year we are so very proud to be recognizing Ms. Minnie Craddick as the 2016 Keepin' it Clean Citizen of the Year! Ms. Minnie has been removing trash alongside Rock Springs Road since 1989. Rock Springs Road serves as a cut-through between Broad Street and Baxter Street, and like any heavily traveled road, litter finds its way to the roadside.

In the words of Joe Dunlop who nominated Ms. Craddick: "I spotted Ms. Minnie thoroughly removing litter from the bushes, sidewalk and behind signs along Rock Springs Road. That would make me a little cranky, but she was gracious and pleasant. Ms. Minnie’s quiet determination to keep the area around her home clean is what Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful hopes to instill in others. "Some people don't like to pick up trash” says Ms. Minnie “but God wants us to be humble." Ms. Minnie has been identified as a community member that selflessly contributes to the betterment of the entire Athens community. 

Past Citizen of the Year Winners:

2016    Minnie Craddick
2015    Geoffrey Tull
2014    Josh Koons
2013    Dan Lorentz
2012    Matthew Epperson
2011    Jared Harper
2010    Thomas Gosnell 

Minnie Craddick (center) at the GreenFest Awards Ceremony.

Minnie Craddick Citizen of the Year 17

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