Join the Navy

The Navy Wants You!

Take a Navy shower. The steps to this form of bathing are pretty simple:

1. Turn on the shower
2. Wet your body and soap
3. Turn of the water
4. Lather and scrub
5. Turn the water back on to rinse
6. Turn off the water

We admit this tip may be hard to adopt on a cold January morning, but a shower without a low-flow shower head can use about 50 gallons of water; a shower with a low-flow shower head will use about 20 gallons. But a Navy shower? It uses about 3 gallons! Think of the water savings!

If you aren’t ready to officially join the Navy, start with baby steps and try it once a month. Or shorten your shower by a minute or two. That is pretty easy! Conserve: WATER U waiting 4?

low flow shower head
If you can't resolve to take Navy
showers, resolve to replace your
shower head with a low-flow version.

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