ACCess Healthy Solutions Newsletter

07/15/2011 - New Insurance Rates; Paycheck Sample
08/12/2011 - ROTH 457; Annual Screenings
08/26/2011 - How to Read Your EOB; Healthy Eating; Walgreens Update; Oral Health
09/09/2011 - Understanding Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Numbers, Estate Planning, Geekology Guide (Couch to 5K app, Jeff Galloway Run/Walk site, LiveStrong wellness site)
09/23/2011 - Flu Shot Clinics; Mammograms; "Healthy" Defined; 8 Ways to Get Motivated; Geekology Guide (My NetDiary app, WebMD app, SparkPeople website, Financial Literacy website)
10/07/2011 - "Pink Issue" Antioxidant Foods that Fight Cancer; Drinking Water May Speed Weight Loss; Geekology Guide (OptumizeMe app, BCBS Provider Finder app; BabyCenter website, MoodScope website)
10/21/11 - Flexible Spending Information; Consumer Choice Health Insurance Option; Geekology Guide (Workout Trainer app; Express Rx app; Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less website; Mayo Clinic website)
11/04/2011 - Work-Life Balance EAP; Flexible Spending Enrollment; Dependent Health Insurance Coverage in Retirement; Holiday Survival Guide; Geekology Guide (TGI Black Friday app; Thanksgiving Dinner Maker app; Centers for Disease Control Holiday Health website; Helpguide website)
11/18/2011 - Walgreens Update; Flex Spending "Short Year"; Baked Apple Delight Recipe: Oral Health; Geekology Guide (mGifts app; Fast Food Calories app; The Sneaky Chef website; Lumosity cognitive exercises website)
12/02/2011 - Coping with Depression During Holidays; 90-Day Supply of Medication; Identity Theft; Geekology Guide (Personal Finance app; Christmas card app; Start Walking Now website: Adult Fitness Test website)
12/16/11 - Safe Holiday Travel; Maintain, Don't Gain During the Holidays; Geekology Guide (Trip Advisor app; Packing (+ To Do) app; Health Savings Account website; Transportation Security Administration website)
01/13/12 - Who is Anthem?; Eye Health;Thyroid Awareness; Geekology Guide (Debt Free app;
Quitter app; Dave Ramsey financial help website; Active website)
01/27/2012 - Health Care Option with Savings in Mind; Fitness & Food; Geekology Guide (Runner app; SleepStream 2 Pro app; Running in the USA website; From Couch to 5K website)
02/10/2012 - Consumer Healthy Solutions and Health Savings Account; Nature's Stress Soothers; Why Health Care Costs are Rising; Geekology Guide (Office Harmony app; Dogwalk app; Fair Health Consumer Cost Lookup website; 10 Years Younger website.
02/24/2012 - Get to Know Your Heart; Blood Draw Dates; 7 Ways You Can Help Keep Health Care Affordable; Geekology Guide (Instant Heart Rate app; app; Discovery Health website; Shape website)
03/09/2012 - Fitness Center Options; Get Your Plate In Shape; Geekology Guide (Eat This, Not That! Restaurants app; 1002 Exercises by Men's Health & Women's Health app; The People's Pharmacy website; Know Your Teeth website)
03/23/2012 - Pros & Cons of CHS with HSA Plan; Geekology Guide (W.E.L.D.E.R word game app; Brain Trainer app; HSA Member website; Healthfinder website)
04/06/2012 - ACC Total Health Fair; Genetically Modified Foods; Geekology Guide (Fooducate app; ShopNoGMO app; Women's Health website; Men's Health website; Healthy Food recipe website)

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