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Grant Opportunities for Green Schools

Environmental Education in Georgia
This website has an excellent list of grants, sorted by deadline, that are appropriate for funding green school activities in the classroom.  While you are there, also check out the listings of free resources, the calendar, and a lot of other great EE resources.

Outdoor Learning Symposium Scholarship

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB) funds four (4) $100.00 scholarships for the Outdoor Classroom Symposium yearly. Current ACC Green Schools receive first priority. The Outdoor Classroom Symposium offers educators from around the state creative ways to connect to the outdoors. The Symposium is organized by the Council On Outdoor Learning (COOL), a coalition of organizations and individuals who share an interest in the design, development, maintenance, use and longevity of outdoor classrooms. Its mission is to serve teachers, parents, administrators, and community volunteers as a resource link, providing up-to-date training and literature. Symposium registration and session information can be found at 

KACCB Green School Grant

There are three tiers of grants. The board will award ten $50 grants for classroom materials and small projects, ten $200 grants for larger green school activities, and three $500 grants. A total of $4,000 in grants will be awarded each year. Grants are for the support of Green School activities. Preference will be given to grants for materials that can be reused for multiple years or classes and the support of outdoor classrooms. However, all Green School activities will be eligible for support. Special consideration will also be given to proposals from applicants that have not received funding before. 

Grant Application  

Foundation for Excellence Grants and Awards
The Foundation for Excellence awards a variety of endowed grants annually.  Grant applications are due in June.

Sandy Creek Nature Center Founders Grant
The Founders Award was created in 2013 as a way to encourage, recognize and promote science education in the Clarke County School District. This year, the Founders Award will be granted to three teachers: one elementary, one middle and one high school.  Each $300 award can be used to purchase books, classroom resources or materials to be utilized in the teaching of science.  Application

2016-17 Green School Grants

AwardeeAmountProject Summary
Lifespan Montessori$200Lifespan Montessori will purchase bat houses for the school to organically address a severe mosquito problem. Bats will eat pests from the playgrounds and gardens Additionally, bats are battling extinction around the world due to logging and deforestation and White-nose Syndrome (a fungus that grows on bats and causes them to starve). Building a bat house would provide a safe habitat for bats to birth their young and sustain their species. Students will get to explore the bat house before it is installed. They will help choose a location and watch the installation process and monitor it for bat activity. We will also add bat nomenclature to our botany centers and encourage the children to identify the different types of bats. We will monitor the pup catchers and space below the bat house for signs of bat activity.
Gaines Elementary School$500Both students and teachers will benefit from informational signage that explains the function of the high tunnel house. More importantly, thanks to the help of volunteers from the UGA Horticulture Departments as well as the College of Environmental Design, the Gaines Elementary School Nature trail has been renovated and rendered accessible once again. Teachers lead students on nature walks to explore native flora and fauna and engage in discussions about habitat. Currently the signage is made of laminated paper on wooden stakes. These signs are quickly falling apart due to weather exposure and we need to replace them with more permanent informational signage. Directional signage is also necessary. Once materials have been purchased a work party will be scheduled for teachers, students, and community volunteers. The goal is to have as many school community stakeholders to be involved as to increase awareness of these resources at Gaines Elementary. With increased awareness comes pride in our school and more use of the resources ideally resulting in more environmental awareness activity.
Cleveland Road Elementary$500We will use an outdoor courtyard located in the rear of the school and refurbish to use as an outdoor classroom. Volunteers provided through the MLK Day of service on Monday, January 16th, will offer assistance in pruning/trimming, raking, and removing debris, remove metal arches, using screened fill dirt to even out the area, building a fence, laying edgers for a pebble pathway an est. 88 feet in length and 4 feet wide filled with pea gravel, covering the area in pine straw. and beginning to outfit with benches. The area is not currently have a purpose. Adding another arena, as such, would aide in science and environmental awareness. A possible next phase would be adding more benches and pavers for classroom seating areas. As well as a butterfly garden and extending the already existing blueberry patch.
St. Joseph Catholic Parish School$200St. Joseph Catholic Parish School (SJS) is hoping to obtain an outdoor trashcan for its playground/school entrance area. We have a very small, very old one that cannot handle the amount of trash the students produce. This causes items to fly out of the trashcan becoming litter, or causes people to put their trash in the recycling bin because the trash is too full.
Stroud Elementary$200This project is meant to revitalize our current courtyard gardens. We would like to have this area serve as an extension of the outdoor classroom areas at our school. In the courtyard garden area, we would like to have opportunities for students to plant herbs, fruit and vegetables that they can use in classroom cooking activities. This is important to us, because we want students to understand that they can plant things in a small area that can be used in meal preparation.

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