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Your financial support will allow us to continue providing innovative outreach programs to schools, local citizens, and area businesses. Funds raised help us complete community projects like the 30,000 Daffodil bulbs we just planted on the Prince Avenue Highway on/off ramps, the 450 tires we cleaned up from the Athens Community, and the $1,400 we have awarded to area teachers for Green School projects this year. KACCB administers more than 20 environmental outreach programs and was recently awarded First Place in Community Greening by Keep America Beautiful. We have been nationally recognized for public awareness campaigns, like the “Cigarette Fairy” and “Seriously…y’all still litter” as well as for our creative fund-raising projects, like the Dirty Dance Party and Trash 2 Treasure Yard Sale.
KACCB is working hard to make a difference in our community. We truly believe that beauty is a silent but powerful force that makes communities safer, healthier, and more livable.

In return for your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution, we'll keep you posted on the latest information and upcoming events. You will also receive invitations to special programs.

Thank you for helping keep Athens-Clarke County beautiful!
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