Dudley Park

Photo of an open field in Dudley Park.Dudley Park is a 32-acre park nestled in the confluence of Trail Creek and the North Oconee River, just a short walk from downtown Athens and the University of Georgia.

Dedicated in 1953 to Alonzo Gordon Dudley, who governed Athens from 1926-1935 and 1938-1939, Dudley park features majestic hardwoods, open fields, several picnic areas, and connections to multiple trails.

Quick Information

Broad Street Parking
1170 E Broad St.
Athens, GA 30601

Poplar Street Parking
286 S. Poplar St.
Athens, GA 30601

Oconee Street Parking/
Easley Mill
470 Oconee Street
Athens, GA 30601

Park Physical Address
100 Dudley Park Drive
Athens, GA 30601

Trails and Open Spaces

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

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