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Lyndon House Arts Center Art Interns
Chis Mixon

Sanibonani (that’s Zulu for hey y’all!”) My name is Chris, and I am so excited to work with the Lyndon House Art Center’s summer camp program this year! I have a wealth of experience working with youth; both from my time spent with the United States Peace Corps in Swaziland to my work with Georgia nonprofits, such as Empowered Youth of Columbus. I am currently a Master’s of Public Administration student at the University of Georgia, who hopes to go into local or state government with a emphasis on economic development. In my free time I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and traveling! Also, my favorite color is blue.


Toni Carlucci-Drawing & Fiber & Youth
William Stephanos-Metalsmithing & Jewelry, Media & Youth

Amanda Burk-Printmaking & Open Studios

Teaching Artists:

Juan Alonso-Photography

Robert Brown IV-Cartoon/Illustration 

Brittani Bumb-Fashion

Will Eskridge-Painting 

Tabitha Fielteau-Fashion

Broderick Flanigan- Painting & Youth 

Jasey Jones- Ceramics

Clay Jordan- Photography 

Jessie Jordan- Jewelry 

Rae Kretzer- Ceramics &Youth

Brittany Lauback- Photography & Youth 

Leslie Litt- Jewelry & Enameling 

Barbara Mann-Jewelry

Katherine Miller-Book Arts  

Panda Parkes- Youth

Roy Blake Smith- Fashion 

Sam Stabler- Painting & Youth 

Chris Taylor- Land & Environmental 

 Charles Warnock- Painting 

Bio's and photos of our teaching artists are listed below alphabetically by last name.

For any questions, please contact Art Education Specialist, William Stephanos at or call

706 613 3623 ext. 225

Christpher Mixon

Robert Brown

Teen Cartoon Illustrators Club

Teen Cartoon Club 11-20162016 (1 of 1)-4 (1)

Brittani Bumb - Fashion

Brittani Bumb, owner and head designer for Untitled Thoughts. "One thing you should know about me (besides the fact that this wall happens to be my favorite shade of blue) is that I absolutely love everything about nature- if I could simply live outside, I would. In fact, I am currently searching for a home that will provide me with the access to nature I so desperately crave.
Ever since I was young, clothing has been an outlet for expressing my personality, and when I learned how to sew, nothing could slow me down! To me, clothing represents a form of freedom and expression of confidence, all of which I want other women to feel when they wear one of my pieces.
Of course, I strive to  put an eco-green stamp of approval on as many practices in my own studio as I possibly can. I truly believe that clothing can not only let you feel good, but it can also be good for the environment. It may take a few extra steps, but those steps are totally worth it! Plus they are extra fun! Enjoy the process as well as the destination, right?"

Brittani Bumb

Amanda Jane Burk

Amanda is a printmaker and comedian living in Athens, Georgia. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia in 2007. She was a co-founder of Double Dutch Press, a fine art printmaking studio, also located in Athens from 2012 to 2016.


screenprinting photo

Will Eskridge - Painting

Originally from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Will Eskridge attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Visual Arts/Savannah and earned his B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco Art Institute in 1999. With a father as a veterinarian and an artist mother, Will’s affinity for animals and art began when he was in pre-school. He explores many mediums including film, sculpture and mixed media, but his true love is painting. Eskridge’s work is in both private and public collections in Athens, Atlanta, Raleigh, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, China, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Will has roamed the southeast, setting up shop in Charleston, SC, Kings Mountain, NC and Nashville, TN. He now works as a full-time artist and resides in Athens, GA with his wife and their many dogs and cats. Along with art, Will also drums and plays guitar, volunteers in animal rescue and has an ongoing restoration of his beloved 1953 Buick.

Tabitha Fielteau - Fashion

Tabitha Fielteau clothing line was launched in the spring of 2014 showcasing a refreshing Spring/Summer collection from designer Tabitha Fielteau. The line embodies the designer's true aesthetic, which is clothing made for the today's modern and contemporary woman, who appreciates fashion with sophistication. Tabitha Fielteau is a self-taught, womenswear fashion designer who enjoys creating each garment from sketching to pattern making to sewing and construction. She takes pride in designing clothing that brings out the beauty and chic side of every woman. "The most rewarding experience is seeing each garment come to life!" says designer Tabitha Fielteau.

Her favorite decade of fashion is the 40/50s era because of women regal and elegant sense of style which was shaped by great fashion designers. And truly talented designers of today such as Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab, and Stephane Rolland to name a few has definitely been a source of inspiration. She hopes she can become an inspiration to others and grow continually as a designer.

Kira Hegeman

Kira is an artist and art educator in Athens, GA. She works primarily in printmaking and book arts, but has recently expanded to paper making and weaving. Her explores memory, place, and our relationships with material objects. In addition, she is working on a PhD in art education with a focus on participatory public art installations as places of learning and transformation.

Jasey Jones - Ceramics

Jasey Jones received his MFA from the University of Georgia in 2005 and teaches all levels of ceramics to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. His work has been exhibited nationally and has been commissioned by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the City of Atlanta, Clarke County Schools, and others. Currently, he is an MSW candidate at UGA who plans to practice as a psycho-therapist upon graduation. Jasey is a dedicated musician as well as a teacher and practitioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation. His aim as a teacher is to transmit artistic traditions and to help his students create a connection to the artist within in order to develop their own unique creative vision and produce works which speak to their own unique experience. He sees creative potential in everyone and believes that artistic expression is a direct and dynamic means of accessing our own individual power to create the environment that we want to inhabit.

Kira Hegeman
IMG_0228 (002)

Jessie Jordan - Jewelry & Metalsmithing

I am an artist and jeweler living in Athens, Ga with my fiance, Bill. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Jewelry and Metalwork from The University of Georgia. 

Growing up, industrial tools, torches, and traditional metalsmithing techniques were commonplace. My family taught me to be resourceful and gave me an understanding of the tools at hand. Looking back, I realize that rifling through my dad’s toolbox equally met my enthusiasm for digging through my grandmother’s jewelry box. With that knowledge and a continued love of adornment, I have since added small, calculated, and precious levels of refinement to those processes and materials. I feel comforted by the familiarity a shop environment, and the processes of jewelry and metalwork come naturally to me.


Rae Kretzer - Youth
 Rae Kretzer was born, raised, and educated in Athens. She received her BFA in art education from UGA in May of 2016. She adores all forms of art and art history, but in her own practice, she loves drawing, illustration, and mushing together droopy clay sculptures. Other than the visual arts, her passions include mastering her curry recipes, watching cool movies, and going on walks. 

rae work

Katherine Miller - Book Arts. Paper

Katherine Miller is a printmaking-based artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Through her print- and book arts-based work, Miller reference the handwritten letter to investigate mental presence, slowness, and emotional intimacy. She received her BFA in Studio Art from Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Girardeau, MO) in 2014, and has exhibited and participated in residency programs nationally and internationally. She is currently an MFA Candidate in Printmaking + Book Arts at the University of Georgia (Athens, GA).


Roy Blake Smith - Fashion

Roy Blake Smith is a local Fashion Designer with an affinity for the creative arts. Hailing from Athens, Ga., Blake studied at SCAD: The University for Creative Careers where he cultivated his craft, won multiple design scholarships, and received his bachelor’s in Fashion Design. The day after graduation, Blake moved to NYC to begin an internship with Kohl’s on the Lauren Conrad brand. Throughout the next 5 years, he worked his way up to a management position and had the opportunity to drive sales and create unique product for multiple brands such as Princess Vera Wang, Candie’s, and Dana Buchman. During his time at Kohl’s, Blake was selected to be one of 15 designers to compete on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Under the Gunn where he ranked top 5 and met many amazing designers/industry influencers along the way. After a brief designer role for southern corporation Belk, Blake decide to return to Athens to focus his creative energy on starting his own brand - and to use his retail knowledge to help others find their voice in the fashion industry. Artist Statement: For me, fashion design is my art. Fabric is my choice of medium and the human form is my canvas. I believe that clothing can transform the person who is wearing it - it can make you feel stronger, confident, beautiful. It can provide a form of escape from reality - or it can bring out the true “you”. It is my sole purpose as an artist of design to create endless, wearable possibilities for my customer - my canvas.


William Stephanos - Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Please welcome William to the Lyndon House Arts Center as the new Program Specialist in Art Education!

William is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and has lived all over the world. He recently relocated back to one of his "hometowns" Athens, Georgia. Prior to joining us, Will was the Cultural Arts Administrator for the city of Kingsport, Tennessee from September 2012 to September 2016. He has two adult sons. He graduated with a BS as well as a Master of Education with a concentration in Media and Technology and a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Planning and Development from East Tennessee State University. 


Toni Carlucci - children, drawing

Toni began her career as a teacher in 1987 as a Artist-in-Residence at an elementary school in south Georgia and has been teaching ever since. For 11 years, she taught children all over Georgia and South Carolina how to weave using techniques inspired by Peruvian, African and Native American weaving.

During that time she also finished her MFA from UGA in Fabric Design. She had the pleasure of teaching art when the Lyndon House Arts Center was in the historic house and has taught children and adults at Lyndon House since the expansion. She loves to draw and is passionate about showing others that they can learn to draw. 

Toni 2018

Leslie Litt - Enameling

As a person who loves color; I was always watercoloring flowers from my mother’s beautiful and colorful garden. The scraps of material my grandmother gave me from her job I would make doll clothes; Later I began playing around with paper and plastic jewelry and than moved on to silver and gem stones. Wanting to add more color to my work I decided a good way to do that was to to use enamel. When I use enamel I feel that my works are bringing me back to my roots of painting. In my jewelry I tend to be eclectic and strive for my work to be one of a kind. Whoever chooses one of my creations, whether it be a piece of jewelry, an object of art, or a wall piece I hope my work is appreciated for my sense of color and the love I put into it.


Clay Jordan - Photography

Clay Jordan was born in Augusta, GA and is currently based in Athens, GA. His photographs reveal a world at odds with itself, one in which humans are unaware they’ve been locked in a stalemate with nature, and then suddenly aware of the days rushing past, and the inevitable fog, smoke, and shadows that fall over everything. But Jordan is also a wry observational humorist, with images captured from a safe-distance, allowing for an unobstructed view of the silliness of so much human invention: a carport for a car, a plastic wig on a plastic mannequin, a strand of lights and a star hung on a tree. And all these things are set against the perfect, logical, endless backdrop of nature. Through Jordan’s lens, humans have way too much free time and then not nearly enough.

Clay 2

Charles Warnock - painting

Charles Warnock was born the second son of a Southern Baptist minister in the town of Soperton, Georgia. He graduated high school from Stevens County High in Toccoa, Georgia in 1976. In 1979, he entered the Air Force where he worked as an engineer for the next twenty years. Upon retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Warnock attended the University of Georgia where he received his Master’s Degree in Drawing and Painting in 2003.

Mr. Warnock currently teaches an open studio painting class at the Lyndon House Art Center in Athens and is the Gallery Director for the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation. He is proficient in both oil and acrylic techniques and has produced numerous paintings. His primary subject matter has been large floral paintings.

Charles Warnock Painting (1 of 1)

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