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  1. ACC from A to Z

    ACC from A to Z is a topical guide to the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and community services. It is produced and updated annually by the ACC Public Information Office

  2. Accolades

    Read about recent awards and other accolades in the media.

  3. Awards

    A year over year list of awards earned by ACC departments and divisions

  4. Agendas

    Links to agendas of the Mayor & Commission and Planning-related boards, authorities & commissions.

  5. Boards, Authorities, & Commissions

    The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government utilizes a number of boards, authorities, and commissions. Applications are available on this page when positions are open.

  6. Buildings

    Learn more about important buildings in Athens-Clarke County.

  7. By the Numbers

    Browse geographical and demographic information as well as other information about the community.

  8. Calendar

    Find upcoming events and meetings for Athens-Clarke County.

  9. Code of Ordinances

    View the online version of Athens-Clarke County's Code of Ordinances.

  10. Demographics

    See demographic information for the county.

  11. Economic Development

    Learn about economic development opportunities and the Economic Development department in Athens-Clarke County.

  12. Education

    Find information about area schools.

  13. FAQs

    Read frequently asked questions for our departments and offices.

  1. Government

    View the mission statement of and various governmental structures in Athens-Clarke County.

  2. History

    View a list of the holidays observed by unified government employees.

  3. Holidays

    View a list of the holidays observed by unified government employees.

  4. Location & Geography

    Read geographical information about our area.

  5. Maps

    View a variety of maps for Athens-Clarke County.

  6. News

    News about the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government

  7. Open Records Requests

    Procedures for submitting open records requests

  8. Parks

    Browse information about our many beautiful parks.

  9. Photo Gallery

    View photos from across our government and the community.

  10. Staff Directory

    Find contact information for officials and departments in the unified government and its departments.

  11. Tourism

  12. Transportation

    Access websites for our regional airport and transit system.

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