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The Lyndon House Arts Center offers a diverse selection of art classes for youth, from age 4 and up, and adults with any level of experience. Make art a part of your week, every week!  

Youth Art Month: Art for Home School Students

On view: March 1 - 28, 2019

Closing Reception: Thursday, March 28, 5:30 – 6 pm

In this class, taught by Paula Reynaldi, kids age 6 – 11 experimented with ceramics, found objects and watercolors to create fantastic compositions, animals, self-portraits and abstract assemblages. Students were introduced to new ideas and techniques and then given freedom to explore the concepts in their own unique ways. This resulted in expressive Paul Klee inspired paintings, quirky self-portraits that stand-up on their own, funny little dogs made of bottles and recycled containers and a collection of awesome ceramic animals and functional plates and mugs. Throughout the class, inspired by a friendship between Joan Miró who worked predominantly in painting and Alexzander Calder who was more inclined to sculpture, students were encouraged to think about 2-dimensional designs transforming into 3-dimensional works that can be viewed in the round. For example, the kids drew self-portraits and creatures, and then transformed the works from flat to dimensional with wire articulation. Another way to make a 3D shape is to create a new form using recycled containers. Looking at the artists Yayoi Kusama’s use of shapes and Nick Cave’s color and texture the kids made totem like assemblages that are meant to be viewed from every angle.

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Art Experiences for Members -In the Studio with Charles Warnock Tuesday afternoons.  This requires an Open Studio Membership.

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