Project 12: Local Road Traffic Improvements

Project Description

This project was established to provide for road improvements that have been identified in the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Long-Range Transportation Plan for Athens-Clarke County. Improvements may also include existing road widening and improvements or construction of new roadways within Athens-Clarke County. This will continue an ongoing SPLOST 2000 project.

Project Details

  • Project Sponsor: Transportation and Public Works
  • Type: Traffic Improvements
  • Project Manager: Derek Doster

Status: August 31, 2012

The Local Road Traffic Improvements Program includes project work and improvements in various locations as follows:

  • Construction of the Danielsville Road improvements was completed in 2009.
  • Construction of the Jennings Mill Parkway - Phase 1 is complete. The completed project is approximately 0.58 miles in length of four-lane divided roadway with associated turn lanes and medians. Phase I connects Jimmie Daniel Road and Commerce Boulevard.
  • Notice of Contract Award was given to Todd Smith Grading, Inc on August 7, 2012. Notice to Proceed with construction is anticipated by September 26, 2012 and Construction completion is anticipated by August 2013.
  • Additional funding for Sub-Projects was added to this Project to meet infrastructure obligations for the Caterpillar Plant Project. Construction is in progress.


Fiscal Period
FY 2006 (Tier 1)$500,000
FY 2007 (Tier 2)$2,323,326
FY 2008 (Tier 3)$1,679,371
FY 2009 (Tier 4)$280,174
FY 2010 (Tier 5)$1,193,178
FY 2011 (Tier 6)$1,900,000
Total for this project:

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