Project 7: Sidewalk Improvement Program

Project Description

This project includes the design and construction of pedestrian facilities throughout Athens-Clarke County including sidewalks, access ramps, signals and crosswalks. Specific projects have been approved by the Mayor and Commission and implemented based on priority needs of safety and pedestrian access.

Project Details

  • Project Sponsor: Transportation and Public Works
  • Type: Sidewalks
  • Project Manager: Derek Doster

Status: August 31 2012

  • Between FY05 and FY12, the SPLOST 2005 Sidewalk Improvement Program has funded the construction of 7.5 miles of sidewalks for a total cost of $2,055,113. Segments have been completed on the following roadways: Old Hull Road, Freeman Drive, Kathwood Drive, Whitehall Road, College Station Road, North Avenue, Oglethorpe Avenue, Chase Street, Whit Davis Road, Barnett Shoals Road, Research Drive, Baxter Street, Cedar Shoals Drive, Lumpkin Street, Timothy Road, Epps Bridge Road, and Oglethorpe Avenue.
  • The final projects are currently under construction on 4,000 feet of segments on Barnett Shoals Road, Old Epps Bridge Road, and Oglethorpe Avenue. Completion of these projects is expected in the fall of 2012.


Fiscal Period
FY 2006 (Tier 1)$370,836
FY 2007 (Tier 2)$370,836
FY 2008 (Tier 3)$391,277
FY 2009 (Tier 4)$370,836
FY 2010 (Tier 5)$370,836
FY 2011 (Tier 6)$370,835
Total for this project:

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