Recycling & Waste Reduction

Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division

Our mission is to educate the public about the importance of waste reduction to the Athens-Clarke County community and implement a comprehensive, waste reduction plan that will reduce landfill disposal of solid waste as follows:

  • 40% by 2015   --  Goal Achieved @ 45% Diversion Rate in 2015

  • 60% by 2018   --  We need your help! Dropped to 38% Diversion in 2017 Rethink materials, Reduce consumption, Reuse products, Recycle right!

  • 75% by 2020

The Mayor and Commission approved the Waste Diversion Goals on November 3, 2010.


The Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division will open a new recycling drop-off site on the North Side Thursday, March 1. The recycling containers will be placed in the front parking lot of ACC Central Services, Fleet Management, at 225 Newton Bridge Road, beside Terrapin Beer Company.

“This is a welcome replacement for our Power Partners site,” said Joe Dunlop, Waste Reduction Administrator for ACC Solid Waste Department. “We try to make it easy for people to divert their recyclable material from the landfill, and we appreciate Central Services and Fleet Management making their site available.”

The location will be open 24/7, serviced and maintained by ACC Solid Waste Department. Clear recycling guidelines will be posted. ACC Solid Waste will aggressively pursue enforcement action against persons suspected of illegal dumping at this site.

For questions, concerns, or to request one of our famous green recycling tote bags (we like our recyclables loose!) please contact the ACC Recycling Division:

Keep the F-Words out of your recycling bin

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