Project 2: Classic Center Expansion

Project Description

The Classic Center Expansion project will provide for Classic Center Exhibit Hall space and related areas to accommodate a seating capacity of approximately 4,500, provide a new enclosed atrium as a pre-function area of the Exhibit Hall, and add associated parking areas and other associated support areas to adequately support the functions of the Classic Center facility.

The project budget includes the capital cost for the Classic Center Expansion project of $20,300,000 and estimated financing cost of approximately $3,448,000 for the general obligation debt that will allow this project to be constructed in the first few years of the SPLOST 2011 program. The general obligation debt will be repaid from revenue from the SPLOST 2011 program.


  • SPLOST 2011 Budget: $23,748,000
  • Estimated Annual Operating Impact: $0

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