Nature's Trading Post

Nature Swap Insect ID.jpgDo you like to collect things you find in nature? Do you enjoy exploring and discovering new things about the natural world? Come check out the Nature's Trading Post!

 Dates:  Saturdays, September 7, October 5, November 2, 2019

Time: 11:00 a.m. - Noon

Fee:  Free

Registration:  Registration is not required.

Location:  Sandy Creek Nature Center, 706-613-3615

Become a member of the Trading Post for free by taking a Membership Pledge to follow all state and federal laws on the collecting of natural objects, and make a commitment to learn more

about your connection to our world.

  • Bring an object, photograph, drawing, or journal entry to the Trading Post. (Limit one object per visit, please.)
  • Share what you know about your object with a Naturalist to earn points. Points are based on your knowledge, as well as the uniqueness and quality of the object. To prepare, use the question guidelines.
  • Make a trade. You can save your points and trade them in for an object at a later date.
  • Take your new treasure home.

The collection of natural items are regulated by state and federal laws. Become familiar with the laws before you start collecting. A complete list of what you can trade is listed on our website

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