Project 1: Jail Expansion

Initial Project Statement

The jail expansion will provide for the renovation and construction of jail facilities to expand the housing and administrative support capabilities of the Athens-Clarke County Jail. This will help us properly house and effectively manage the estimated inmate population through 2024, which is currently projected to be approximately 750 inmates.

The jail facilities include areas for inmate processing, inmate housing, and judicial space as well as staff for supervision of inmates, support services for inmates, management / administrative staff of the Sheriff’s Office, and other related functions determined to be necessary for an effective utilization of resources.

The project budget includes the capital cost for the jail expansion of approximately $65,475,000 and the estimated financing cost of approximately $11,170,000. The estimated financing cost is for the general obligation debt that will allow this project to be constructed in the first few years of the SPLOST 2011 program. The general obligation debt will be repaid from revenue from the SPLOST 2011 program.

Original Budget

  • SPLOST 2011 Budget: $76,645,000
  • Estimated Annual Operating Impact: $1,833,900

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