General Announcements & Court Policies

Court reporter / Transcripts

In a criminal case, a court reporter will always be present at all hearings. In a civil case, if you wish to request a court reporter, you must contact Judge Sweat's office at 706-613-3185 in advance of your proceeding. If you do not arrange for a court reporter before your proceeding, there may not be one available. You should also call Judge Sweat's office to discuss the availability of transcripts.


Electronic evidence presentation system
The courtroom has an electronic system for displaying evidence to the Judge and jury using your laptop computer, or via our overhead projector, compact disc or VHS player, or standard audiotape player. Please contact Staff Attorney Donna Stevens at 706-613-3164 if you have questions. We recommend pretrial practice with unfamiliar equipment. If you wish to bring in an outside service to make an electronic evidence presentation, please contact Ms. Stevens before your proceeding to obtain the Court's consent and arrange for set-up.

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