Backyard Composting

Making Your Own Compost

NOTE: Remember compost is a soil amendment.
You will need:


  • Air
  • Water
  • 2/3 Browns (Carbon Source)
  • 1/3 Greens (Nitrogen Source)


Browns are carbon-rich and include leaves, coffee grounds, sawdust, tea bags, paper, untreated wood chips, pine needles, straw, and more. Greens are nitrogen-rich and include weeds, corn cobs, eggshells, flowers, fruit and peelings, fresh cut grass, vegetables and peelings, and more. Mix browns and greens without water (about as much as a wrung out sponge).  Water is very important for good compost.  Stir once a week.  Need more information?  Follow these directions to make your compost.

Using Your Compost
Need to know how to use your compost?  Check-out this Compost Mix Calculator

Additional Resources 

Contact the Recycling Division for additional compost information at 706-613-3512.