Fees & Other Services

Garbage Fees

  • Commercial: $42 per ton (one ton = 2,000 pounds) with a $10 minimum
  • Residential: $42 per ton
    • $1.50 per bag for up to six bags
    • Over six bags will be charged at a rate of $42 per ton rate with a $10 minimum
  • Leaf & Limb Fees - Commercial: $18 per ton with a $5 minimum
  • Leaf & Limb Fees - Residential: $18 per ton with a $5 minimum
Other Disposal or Recycling Services
  • Electronics recycling: Free for computers and computer peripherals (This DOES NOT include TV's.  Call the ACC Landfill for the cost associated with TV disposal.)
  • Car batteries: $1 per battery
  • Paint: $2.00 per can or $10.00 per 5 gallon bucket
  • Propane tanks: $1 per tank
  • Tires: $3 per standard passenger / light truck tire, $10 per commercial truck tire
    • No rims are accepted
Effective January 2014, a fee ($3.00) to partially recover the fees charged to Athens-Clarke County will be added to the total payment if made by credit card.  There is no fee for debit card payments.  There is a $5.00 minimum before using at debit/credit card.

Certain items are banned from landfills. Contact the Athens-Clarke County Landfill for a complete list of all prohibited items at 706-613-3508. Please note: The landfill manager conducts random inspections of all loads entering the landfill and is authorized to inspect any suspicious loads.

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