A state-of-the-art, lined Subtitle D landfill, the Athens-Clarke County Landfill comprises about 400 acres. The current area (know as Area 7) has approximately 6 months left of remaining capacity. Phase 5 is currently under construction.

Approximately 300 tons of material are disposed in the landfill per day (as of January 2016). In August 1992, the county entered into a landfill agreement with neighboring Oglethorpe County. This allowed for expansion into Oglethorpe County on approximately 40 acres of property owned by Athens-Clarke County. This agreement also required that all construction and demolition waste be diverted to the Oglethorpe County C & D landfill (located on Highway 78).

Contract For Use of the Athens-Clarke County Landfill, August 1992

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All garbage must be covered by a tarp and secured. Transporting unsecured loads is illegal! OCGA 40-6-254 states that no person shall operate any motor vehicle with a load on or in such vehicle unless the load is adequately secured to prevent the dropping or shifting of the load onto the roadway. Any person who operates a vehicle in violation of this code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Odor Management Plan & Associated Appendices (A-H)
Additional Landfill Information

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