Lunacy Record Books

Book Contents

The Lunacy Record Book contains an index by alleged mentally ill person's name and the petition for commission of lunacy or application. A list of these books by date can be found below.

Information found in these books include:
  • Name of petitioner or applicant
  • Name of alleged mentally ill person
  • Names of three nearest adult relatives
  • Name of guardian
  • Name of attorney
  • Name of physician
  • Date
  • Name of judge


Book Title
Writ of Lunacy 1 March 1895 - May 1909 Yes RR C6-1 PV, HR, GA
Lunacy Record C April 1909 - January 1930 Yes RR C6-1
Lunacy Record D March 1930 - April 1947 Yes PV
Lunacy Record E May 1947 - February 1953 Yes RR C6-1
Lunacy Record F February 1953 - January 1963 Yes RR B5 top
Lunacy and Mentally Ill Record G January 1963 - November 1969 Yes RR B4 top

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