Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission is a seven-member body composed of ACC residents appointed by the Mayor and Commission for three-year terms. The Historic Preservation Commission meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Auditorium at 120 West Dougherty Street to review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness, as well as to deliberate and make recommendations to the Mayor and Commission regarding the protection of historic resources in Athens-Clarke County.

More information about Historic Preservation and Historic Districts in Athens-Clarke County, including links to district maps, is available here.
Helen Kuykendall, Chair
Drew Dekle, Vice-Chair
Sharon Bradley
Kevin Blair Garrison
Benjamin D. Rossetti
Alexander Sams
Paul Trudeau

Agendas & Project Information
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  • Past Agendas
  • Project Information & Location Maps - Project information, including location maps, for projects on current and past agendas can be found in the ACC Calendar.  To view this information, use the Calendar links at the right (in the grey box) to click on an upcoming meeting, or search for meetings through the main Calendar page.  Project information is posted on the date it was heard by the Historic Preservation Commission in the "Historic Preservation Commission Meeting" calendar.

Resources & Applications 

Sign Up for Notices
  • Anyone may sign up to receive periodic e-mails or text messages about projects on Historic Preservation Commission agendas through Athens-Clarke County's Neighborhood Notification Initiative (NNI).  Notices are sent monthly, prior to upcoming meetings, and also in the event of a change to an agenda.
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