Municipal Court

Municipal Court Open on Monday, September 11, 2017

Update - Sunday, September 10 - 7:00 p.m.

Municipal Court will be open on Monday, September 11 as will other offices of the Unified Government. The morning calendar of traffic arraignments will proceed as planned. The Court will handle the people who appear and send letters with new court dates for those who stay home.

Afternoon ordinance trial cases involve individuals who have defense attorneys. Municipal Court will communicate with Athens-Clarke County attorneys and those defense attorneys about continuing the afternoon trials. 

Municipal Court of Athens-Clarke County

The Municipal Court of Athens-Clarke County is the busiest court in Athens-Clarke County. Each year, the Court handles approximately 35,000 cases.

The Court has jurisdiction over all County ordinance violations; over all State misdemeanor traffic violations, including DUI; and over State misdemeanor crimes of Theft by Shoplifting, Possession of Less Than an Ounce of Marijuana, and Underage Possession of Alcohol.

The Court also handles Domestic Partnership filings and does perform weddings.

To contact the Municipal Court, please call (706) 613-3690.

PAY MUNICIPAL COURT FINES ONLINE or by phone toll free at 1-855-873-9708.

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