The Oconee Hill Cemetery Greenway Project

The Oconee Hill Cemetery Project is sub-project #2 of the 2011 SPLOST program for the North Oconee River Greenway. This proposed segment of multi-use path follows an existing sanitary sewer easement that follows along the bank of the North Oconee River. Staff and Cemetery Trustees are working together to ensure that the path is sensitive to the environment that it traverses. Features like granite entry columns and decorative metal fencing set a reverent tone for this section of the greenway while maintaining the ability to close off access when necessary. Other improvements are under discussion for the group and will be part of the next steps of the project.

The preliminary plans for this project were approved during the September 2016 voting session of the Mayor and Commission. Approval by the Mayor and Commission allows staff to finalize plans with detailed discussions with the Cemetery Trustees. Park Planning staff held an open house session on Tuesday August 30th at the Sexton’s house on the cemetery property to receive feedback from the public on this section of Greenway.

Under Development
Target Completion Date: Spring 2018
Location: 297 Cemetery Drive, Athens GA
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